CAPSDI: CAPS Distribution Initiative

Please note that we are not affiliated in any way with the SPS project.

Progress and download links

SPS images available as of December 22, 2018. This torrent contains all the available files, compressed with TorrentZip.

3482 of 3729 SPS images are available in the torrent:
 Text file, ordered by game ID
247 of 3729 SPS images are missing:
 Text file, ordered by game ID


You can contact us and send your SPS images through this email address
caps_di AT yahoo DOT fr
(replace the AT by @ and the DOT by .)

You can also request access to an FTP server to upload images.

What is it?

The goal of the CAPS Distribution Initiative (CAPSDI) is to collect and distribute to the community all the disk images released by the Software Preservation Society (previously known as CAPS = Classic Amiga Preservation Society). We are NOT members of the SPS team.
The SPS team only distribute images to the people who dumped their original floppy disks. We believe that to truly preserve the games, the disk images have to be widely available otherwise the images themselves might be lost in the future. Although the SPS team store all of their images in several locations in the world to ensure preservation, we think every owner of the preserved game should have access to the IPF images, even if they do not have the necessary hardware to dump their original floppies.
We want to gather the community of SPS contributors so that all the releases are made available to everyone.

If you have dumped at least one game for SPS, then maybe you can help us! Please check the list of missing releases on the left and see if you have some that you could share with the community.

If you have original games already released by SPS but not available here, you can dump them again and the SPS team will give you the corresponding IPF images.

If you know people who contributed to SPS, please tell them of our existence!

What is SPS?

The "Software Preservation Society" wants to preserve all the original games before all the floppy disks become unreadable (which is inevitable). They have developed a very powerful technology to preserve only purely original floppy disks (including copy-protected ones), unaltered by cracks or any other change. Their technology allows to preserve floppy disks from many platforms (Amiga, Atari ST, PC, and much much more).
The preservation process is:

  1. People with adequate equipment dump their original games. You need at least an Amiga with a 68020 CPU and Kickstart 1.3, or a modern PC and the Kryoflux device.
  2. They upload their dumps to the SPS FTP server.
  3. After analysis and validation by the SPS team, they release the dumped games as IPF disk images (their own file format) and give them to the people who dumped the games.

IPF disk images can be used in the WinUAE Amiga emulator with the IPF Support Library.

If you want more information, please visit the SPS web site which has lots of detailed information on what they are doing.

How the SPS images are collected? How to contribute?

Once a new disk images is sent to us, we will share it with the community on our FTP server and through BitTorrent. We will anounce here in the news the availability of new disk images.
Here are the several ways to share your SPS disk images: